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Since the implementation of a Marketing Plan to identify opportunities for their products, to the study of brand image needed to launch the new ones or the most effectives sales promotion.

Product development for companies or distributors who need to differentiate their products or market approach to be more competitive and obtain higher profits.

The development and implementation of a good Cost Reduction Program through an improved system for Purchasing and Inventory Management, providing an excellent customer service. All these points are vital to the success of a company.

Reaching agreements with customers and to reach the Distribution and Product Positioning at Point of Sale, is the culmination of a comprehensive process that began with the Marketing Plan.

The Team Sales Organization or Distribution Network, its Control and the Visit to the Largest Customers, is the type of work we normally do for and on behalf of our clients. In short, we are a full sales team.

We have extensive knowledge of the Consumer Products Market in the Canary Islands where we have a wide network of distributors.
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